Cheapest Android Mobile Phones

Cheapest Android Phones

Android phones are the latest buzz and having an Android phone is just like running into the bandwagon. The Android OS is class apart and the one which is surely set to get better and better with time. We understand that not everyone can afford the high end android phones and that is why we have got some easy on pocket android phone or cheapest android phones available in the market.
List of cheapest android phones.

Cheap MicroMax Android Phone – Andro Micromax is one such company which has many mobile phones which are easy on pocket and they have been constantly improving the product line. They best they did is introducing the low end Android phones which are easy on pocket for the users. The MicroMax Andro A6 is one such android phone which will help you have features of Android at a cheaper cost. The phone is well equipped with a 3.2 MP camera, connectivity to 3G band, supports wifi, edge and gprs, not just that but the phone also supports Bluetooth and USB connectivity. The OS which is loaded on the phone is the Android 2.1 Eclair. This phone surely helps every to have access to a fully featured, fully loaded mobile phone at the cheapest rate. The phone is available for a mere Rs. 4500 on bargain sites, the price of Rs. 4500 is around USD 90.

Cheap Motorola Android Phone MT710 – Motorola is another company which has been hitting the market hard with phones priced at a surprising rate, the company seems to believe that everyone should have the best at the lowest cost. The MT710 mobile phone is also fully loaded and comes at a cheap cost. The edge this phone has is that it also comes with a Touchscreen which has a display resolution of 480×854. Also the phone has a high MP camera of 5mb. The phone runs on a android based operating system, the phone provides all the features of that a high end android phone can provide, all this at the low price of Rs. 5200, that’s USD $105.

Cheap Spice Mobile Android Phone – Spice mobile has flooded the mobile market with so many mobile options that the buyer need to compare one spice model to another rather than compare it to another provider. The spice mobile MI-280 is one such phone that tops the Android category for its low price and loaded features. The MI 280 is a fully loaded phone and comes with 3G enabled bands, a wide 2.8 inch touch screen with high quality display resolution and the same has a built in senor for proximity. The camera on the mobile is just a 2 MP but the expandable memory is really high or around 32 Gb. The phone also has a camera in the front for recording and video calls. Connectivity is fully equipped with Bluetooth, wifi and USB and runs on the latest Android 2.3 gingerbread. This phone is really cheap and costs only Rs. 6000, around USD $120.