Adult SMS Messages

The little thing
1 day there was tis naked man N elephant, da elephant looks at the naked man 4 a few seconds, then ask da naked man, ‘HOW CAN U BREATH THRU THAT LITTLE THING?’
How you eat your’s?
I want to suck you… I want to lick you… I wanna move my tongue all over you… I want to feel you in my mouth… that’s how u… eat an ice cream…
If you were!
if u were a drum id bang u.if u were a pig id pork u.if u were a flower id root u.if u were a nail id screw u.but cos ur a sweetie ill make love 2 u!
What a girl wants?
A girl who opens her hands recieves gifts.who opens her heart recives love.who opens her legs recieves happines
GOD I’m coming!
A teacher ask”wot part of the body goes to heaven first?”A child replies”feet- coz every nite i c my mum with her feet in the air screamin GOD I’M COMIN!
The mirror
A man said 2 his doctor ‘everytime I look in the mirror I get an erection’ the doctor said ‘That’s because u look like a cunt!
Poem ..
Peter Peter Pumpkin eater.had a wife & liked to beat her.smacked her twice around da head. F**ked her arse & went 2 bed!