Cute Love SMS

Cute Love Lips SMS
Tulips are in garden
Tulips are in Park
Still not beautiful than
2 lips meeting at dark.

Cute Love and Heart SMS
If we can’t be together,
Can we be apart?
Whatever life does.
You will stay right there in my heart.

Cute Falling in Love SMS
Kids cant wait to fall in love
Grown up want to be kids as wonded knees heals but not broken hearts.

Cute Distance SMS
Hey beautiful! My eyes are jealous!
They say, You are close to the heart but far from eyes.

Cute Love Killing SMS
Dont hide, I will seek for you.
Dont be lost, I will search for you.
Dont be late, I will wait for you.
Dont stop sending msgs, I might kill you.

Cute Self Admiration SMS
The show display had an amazing thing, cute, admirable, adorable. I would have got it for you but it was nothing but my reflection.

Cute Love in Heart SMS
What went wrong with your mobile? I kept calling at it says, the person you are trying to call is right there in your heart.

Cute Love kissing SMS
1 kiss to put you to sleep
2 kisses to get you in dreams
Unlimited kisses if you wake up and think of me.

Cute SMS about Love
Luck is when you get what you want.
Time is when you want and wait.
Life is when you want but you compromise.
Love is when you wait, want and not compromise

Cute SMS learning of love
Love is when you;
When you forgive not forget.
When you understand not listen.
When you feel and not see.
When you hold on and not let go.

Cute falling in love SMS
When there are clouds, rains will fall.
When there is wind, leaves will fall.
When there is you, I will fall.

Cute Love for Lifetime SMS
1 min for a crush
1 hour for liking
1 day to love
Lifetime to forget.