Rude SMS Messages

Different types!
(_!_)An arse (__!__)Fat arse (!)Tight arse (_?_)Dumb arse (_*_)Sore arse (_zzz_)Tired arse (_E=mc2_)Smart arse (_x_)Kiss my arse!!
Kimm me baby …
Kiss’s r blown + kiss’s r wasted kiss’s rnt kiss’s unless they r tasted, kiss’s spread germz + germz hated, so kiss me BABE im vacinated!
God & me
When I was young I begged God for a bike, but God does not work that way… so I stole a bike and begged for forgiveness!
Doctor & me
A man said 2 his doctor ‘everytime I look in the mirror I get an erection’ the doctor said ‘That’s because u look like a cunt!
Curtain & Panty
Wat’s the diff between pulling a curtain and a panty? ANS: When U pull a curtain, it means tat the show is over but when u pull a panty the show begins…
Smallest thing ..
Mobile phones are the only things in live of which men talk about having the smallest.
Toet Toet …
I’m popey the sailorman, I’m member of the klu klux clan, when I pull the triger, I kill a fuc***g nigger. I’m popey the sailor man, toet toet.
Keeping busy …
How to keep an idiot entertained *press down* …… … .. …….. ….. ……… .. …. How to keep an idiot entertained *press up*
The toilet door
On the door of a toilet….Some people come here to sit and wonder, I come here to shit like thunder!
The head
If my head looks like yours, I’d shave my rear end and walked on my hands.