Rude SMS Messages

Poor Mirror
Mirrors should be able to think before reflecting the images..
How about you?
Handsome, Sweet, Intelligent, spontaneous, good-looking, nice friends, charming, funny, well…Enough about ME! How about you?
Kiss my ….
The fluffy clouds may kiss the sky, The rose may kiss the butterfly, The morning dew may kiss the grass,But u my friend can kiss my ass!
Read Backwards
Piss the taking is someone that realise u this like times at its! NOW READ IT BACKWARDS!!
This way ^ up
Please turn your mobile phone upside down now!!!
370HSSV 0773H
Bail me ugly …
im at the police station.The police caught me & filed a case against me “possession of good looks”.i’m doomed! i need someone ugly 2 bail me out-so hurry up!
Two tickets!
I bet when you go to the zoo you have to buy two tickets:
one to get in and another to get out.
Sex at age!
How women think about sex:At 8 ignore it,Age 18 experience it,Age 28 look 4 it,Age 38 ask 4 it,Age 48 beg 4 it,Age 58 pay 4 it,Age 68 pray it,Age 78 4get it
Nothing will go down ..
T-MOBILE regrets 2 inform u that the network has gone down on everyone except u.We regret 2 inform u that no one would go down on u.not even a network